Embroidery Near Me (a bit about STL Shirt Co’s embroidery department)

Here at STL Shirt Co, we noticed that the top, organic search term for our company was “embroidery near me”. Now, was pretty eye opening for us because we started out as a screen printing shop back in 2011 and were only a screen printing shop for about 9 years. But as we grew, our customers started asking us for more services and embroidery was the most requested of them all. So in 2019, we took a leap of faith and purchased our first embroidery machines. Now I will say, when we offer something new to our customers, we make absolutely sure that we do it right. And doing it right meant buying the top of the line, Tajima embroidery machines.

Tajima embroidery machines are known around the industry to be the best there is around. In fact, they are so good that you rarely see used ones for sale because they last for life and create beautiful work as long as they are properly maintained. And the work these machines can do is incredible! Puff embroidered hats, tackle twill jerseys, patches, and just the plain ‘ole embroidery directly on garments or hats. Tajimas can do it all!

Like I mentioned earlier, when we do something new, we do it right. We purchased a single head Tajima and a 6 head Tajima to start. Now, I will say, we had absolutely no idea what we were getting into when we made this decision so there was a bit of a learning curve. But after a bit of time, a few messed up garments and some help from our top of the line embroidery machines, we figured it out and our embroidery department has grown exponentially since.

We now have 2 single head Tajima machines, 3 6-head Tajima machines and an 8-head Tajima machine. 28 heads of embroidery! That usually means we can produce about 500-1000 pieces of embroidery work per day! And we do just that. We offer embroidery services on a retail level to our normal customers for embroidered polos, hats, jackets and more and we also also contract embroidery work for customers who don’t have the machinery or space to do their own embroidery.

We’ve also had to expand our operations from a 200 sq ft area to a 10,000 sq ft wing of our building! I have to say, it’s pretty impressive and not to mention, the cleanest embroidery department in town!

That’s no stock embroidery department picture above, that’s our shop and we are proud of it. And we also give tours!

Oh and did we mention that we ship all over the country! That’s right. Embroidery service can be hard to find so we have customers from all over the country contact us about shipping and it’s no problem!

So if you need some high quality, embroidery work done, give us a call at 636-926-277 or send submit a quote form and we’ll get your rolling asap!