How Many Colors Can I Use In My Design?

How Many Colors Can I Use In My Design?

So you’ve decided to order some screen-printed T-shirts to celebrate an event or get some new ones for your softball team. After deciding what material you want to use, what style of shirt you will be ordering, and how many shirts you want to print, you’ll likely ask yourself: how intricate can my design be, and how many colors can I use on it? Is it better to keep designs simple and monochrome, or to let your imagination go and use an intricate, colorful design?

At STL Shirt Co., we’ve helped organizations large and small print designs from one-color wordmarks to much more complicated, multi-color logos. Our union staff is here to help you put your design on fabric and create lasting memories for your group. Call us today at 636-926-2777 or contact us online to get a quote and find out more about our full line of screen-printing services.

Multi-Color Screen Printing

Let’s get right to the point: you can use as many colors as you’d like for your screen printing design. The only limits on how many colors you can use are your imagination, as well as how much you are willing to pay.

You see, screen printing is done color-by-color. A thin mesh is stretched over a frame (originally made of silk, which is why the screen printing process is occasionally still called silk-screening) and then a negative of your design is printed onto that screen. The screen is then placed on top of the T-shirt (or sweatshirt, or jersey, or facemask) and then ink is rolled over the screen. Only the parts where the design has been printed allow ink to transfer onto the shirt, and then it sets on the shirt and is allowed to dry.

However, multiple colors require multiple passes through the screening process in order to produce your desired image. We have to use one screen per color, as well as have additional labor to run the screen-printing machinery and use more ink. All these things cost money, and as such using more than one color in a design will naturally increase the cost of your custom printed shirts.

Saving You Money On Your Custom T-Shirts

We understand that it’s difficult to design custom-printed apparel to outfit your team, show school spirit, or commemorate an event, all while displaying your creative spirit and keeping costs down. It’s why the experienced design team at STL Shirt Co. works with all our customers to create memorable designs that are also cost-effective. Our unionized staff can suggest tips and design changes that can help you make a distinctive shirt while saving you money. For instance, if your logo or design has large amounts of white space, we recommend printing your shirts on white fabric, as that means we can use one less color when printing your shirts. In addition, our designers can offer tips on how to simplify your shirt design or layout, all while creating a memorable design you’ll love to wear.

Design Your Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

No matter how intricate your design is, the union STL Shirt Co. are ready to put it on a jersey, shirt, hoodie, or any other apparel item. No job is too big or too small, and we proudly offer a rush delivery option for those groups who need their shirts printed and delivered in a short timeframe. Get a quote online or call us at 636-926-2777 to start creating your screen-printed shirts today.