Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt

When pondering the schematics of any design project, one of the most vital things is your color palette. Designing your next custom t-shirt is no different, and knowing a bit of color theory can quickly move you closer to professional design. The specialists at STL Shirt Co. want to help make the entire custom t-shirt process a breeze – from designing them, to ordering hundreds or thousands of them, to spreading the word, we have the experts in-house.

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How Can Color Theory Help Translate What’s In My Head Onto a Custom T-Shirt?

Whether you know it or not, you’re likely already using color theory in your logos or designs. Maybe you picked blue and gold on your last t-shirt because you simply thought they looked good. But, there’s more than just personal preference, and perhaps some underlying fondness of the St. Louis Blues, at play in that decision, though. It’s because we’re wired to see those colors as two that “fit” together.

We’re going to give you a basic breakdown of what we call color theory, and how it can help you make your next t-shirt design your best one yet. Applying some basic color theory is often the line between amateur and professional-looking design and, with the following tips, we’re confident you can take your custom t-shirt designs to the next level:

Monochromatic Colors for St. Louis Custom T-Shirts

Monochromatic colors all share the same base color and are made by altering the saturation and brightness. This color scheme is lowest in contrast, but can often lead to a very pleasing design aesthetic. The low contrast gives the combination a more subdued feel that’s easier to work with if you’re new to custom t-shirt designing. Monochromatic designs can also often be paired with a variety of custom t-shirt colors because of the palette’s simplicity.

Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

Complementary Colors for Custom T-Shirts in the St. Louis Area

Complementary colors are colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. Blue and orange, yellow and purple, green and red – they stand out against each other, but the effect feels right. It’s not garish and clashing. Complementary colors tend to stand out when used together, they tend to pop, so they’re best used when you’re designing a custom t-shirt that you really want to have noticed, one that stands out in a crowd. This could work well if your shirt has a strong message, and you want to make sure people see it. Call STL Shirt Co. today at 636-926-2777 or reach out for a quote online.

Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

Analogous Colors for St. Louis Custom T-Shirts

Analogous colors are colors that are side by side, or adjacent, on the color wheel and usually from the same color family. These color schemes are generally lower contrast than complementary colors, making them a bit more versatile and focused. Using this type of color pattern is great for adding small, subtle flashes of color. Analogous colors are great for keeping your design fairly low-key, but add a little bit of pop.

Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

Triadic Colors Used for Custom T-Shirts in St. Louis

From triad meaning three, triadic colors are a combination of three colors evenly spaced out on the color wheel. This is another high contrast combination due to how varied the hues are, but might be perfect if you’re looking for a color scheme that’s extra vibrant and exciting. The contrast isn’t quite as stark as complementary colors, but this scheme offers a good amount of contrast while still maintaining good harmony. The triadic color scheme is great when you want to have fun with your range of colors, and make sure it still looks good. Mixing multiple colors can get messy, but keeping this color rule in mind will let you have fun and do it in a way that still works.

Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

Using Color Theory to Create Your Next Custom T-Shirt | STL Shirt Co.

Whether you choose to keep it simple with a monochromatic t-shirt design, or you decide to go with something a bit more flashy and exotic, taking the time to consider your color combinations is worth the effort to get something that you’re proud to put on. So, get designing! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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