How to Use T-Shirts for Fundraising

How To Use T-Shirts For Fundraising

How to use t-shirts for fundraising. Fundraising is not an insignificant responsibility. When you set off to raise money for a group, organization, or cause you are involved in, you need a strategy that is effective in reaching your audience something your supporters will want to spend money to purchase. Using t-shirts from your local screen printer, STL Shirt Co., is the perfect solution.

Using STL Shirt Co. t-shirts for your fundraising needs means the process will be simple, the merchandise will be high-quality, and promoting it will be a breeze. Our free online fundraising stores have helped many individuals and groups in the Greater St. Louis area reach a wider audience and raise more money for their cause. You can learn more about STL Shirt Co.’s fundraising opportunities that can be used throughout the United States or contact us now to get started with your t-shirt fundraiser in St. Louis or across the US.

How To Set Up a T-Shirt Fundraiser

Whether you work in a full-time capacity running fundraising for a non-profit organization or you are part of a group participating in a one-time fundraiser, you are faced with conceiving of and orchestrating a successful fundraising effort. Sometimes the biggest challenge is coming up with a creative and effective fundraising method. STL Shirt Co. solves that problem for you. Selling custom t-shirts is a popular fundraising tactic, and for good reason.

At STL Shirt Co. we make using t-shirts for fundraising simple, straightforward, and successful. By offering free web store set-up and producing screen printed t-shirts and other apparel of the highest quality, we are an excellent partner for all of your fundraising needs. The process is so easy, you’d be silly not to do it.

Design the Shirt

First thing first. In order to use t-shirts to fundraise, you need to come up with a great t-shirt design that appeals to your supporters and represents your group or cause. Come to our team for professional design help or try your hand at design yourself (find some tips to get you started here).

The particulars of the design will vary depending on the message you are trying to send, but some great guidelines for designing t-shirt logos apply to most cases. Your design should be simple, easy to read and understand, and its size should be considered relative to the t-shirt or other garment.

Set Up the Store

Once you have landed on the perfect print design and have selected the type of shirts you want it printed on, it is time to set up your online store. In order to make selling your t-shirts and raising money as easy and accessible as possible, STL Shirt Co. provides free web store set-ups.

After we receive your designs, we will set up an online store for you for free. This allows your supporters and other interested customers to purchase your fundraising t-shirts quickly and painlessly and allows you to begin your fundraiser with little overhead, time, and energy. Just come up with a design, let us know when you’d like the store to run, and leave the rest up to us.

Promote the Cause

After we set up your online store, the ball is in your court for a little while. With a web page where you can send interested individuals to buy your shirts, you can begin promoting and advertising your fundraiser. Share a little backstory about your organization and the reason you are trying to raise funds.

Get creative and spread awareness about your fundraiser as many ways as you can. Share your store link on social media channels, call attention to your cause or organization, ask your friends and family to purchase shirts–there are no wrong answers here. It’s your fundraiser. Make the most of it!

Sell the Shirts

With your merchandise designed and available to purchase online, it’s time to make some money. Put our t-shirts to work for your fundraising needs. During the timeframe of your fundraiser, your online store will be open for anybody to purchase as many t-shirts as they would like. They will place their orders just like they would any online purchase, making it convenient for everyone.

We will close your online t-shirt store at the end of your fundraiser. Once the fundraiser closes, we will print all orders and ship them out or package them for pick-up. Your supporters get great quality t-shirts that promote your cause and you receive 100% of the funds raised from the t-shirt sales. And we get to do what we love. Everybody wins when you use STL Shirt Co’s t-shirts for fundraising!

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Using t-shirts for fundraising is easy for you to set up, convenient for your supporters to purchase, and a relevant and effective way to raise money and reach a wide audience. What are you waiting for? If you have been given the responsibility of orchestrating a fundraiser for your school, team, or organization or you’re inspired to make a difference for a cause you are passionate about, using t-shirts for fundraising is perfect.

STL Shirt Co. produces quality t-shirts and other custom screen printed and embroidery apparel for fundraising and other uses. Make an impact and get custom designed shirts . Begin setting up your online store for fundraising right away! Call us today at 636-926-2777 or reach us online to begin using our custom t-shirts for fundraising now.