Top 10 Uses for Custom T-Shirts

A t-shirt is a t-shirt. Okay, sure, but what about custom t-shirts? Custom t-shirts are specially made just for you, specific to your special event or occasion. If you are unsure of whether custom t-shirts would be useful for your organization or upcoming gathering or you are in search of an excuse to have your personal catchphrase printed and worn, STL Shirt Co. can give you the custom t-shirts you need. For over-the-top customer service, speedy turnaround times, and top-quality products, STL Shirt Co. is the St. Louis screen printing source for you. Begin your order here now or give us a call at 636-926-27777.

Top 10 Custom T-Shirt Uses

Although we at STL Shirt Co. believe that every day, occasion, thought, or event is worthy of custom t-shirts, there are certain events and situations that are simply made for them (or, conversely, for which great t-shirts are made).  Get the most out of your perfect custom t-shirt idea by ordering for any of the following occasions or purposes.

1. Marketing a business

Custom t-shirts are the walking billboard of the modern marketing world. Having custom t-shirts printed in St. Louis that show off your business name, logo, or other company-related designs extends your reach and broadens your potential audience. With a very effective custom t-shirt design, people will notice the shirt and remember your company.

2. Schools

From Spanish club to football team spirit and everything in between, school events and organizations can always use a custom t-shirt to add the collection. Perhaps due to the sheer number of high school students and the number of different clubs, fundraisers, dances, games, competitions, and such, schools and school groups are the biggest customer of custom t-shirt printers across the country.

3. Swag and giveaways

This isn’t your grandmother’s swag. Fitness groups and facilities, insurance companies, banks, municipal groups, political campaigns…the list goes on. These days, we all use swag. Give out custom t-shirts and other screen-printed merchandise to raise support for your cause or company and help bring in new customers or followers. The key to success is going the extra mile to make sure your custom t-shirts truly stand out and appeal to the masses.

4. Non-profit awareness

Custom t-shirts are doubly valuable for non-profit groups. They are a way to raise money and garner financial support, but they also serve as a means of outreach and awareness as they are worn and seen throughout the community. It goes without saying that custom t-shirts are a must for special events and other fundraising efforts. Volunteers wear them to become easily identifiable, supporters receive them as a gesture of appreciation for donating, and organizations can even sell the t-shirts to raise additional money.

5. Family reunions

Vacations, bar-b-ques, parties, road trips–the opportunities for families to use custom t-shirts are many. Keep track of your group, show family pride, offer a strong sense of belonging, and come away with a keepsake to memorialize quality time with the ones you love. Matching custom shirts for family gatherings may be reminiscent of a fad of the past, but they are making a comeback as families get creative and screen printers come up with one-of-a-kind designs.

6. Teams

Custom t-shirts make great sports jerseys for athletes and teams ranging from t-ball toddlers to competitive elite teams to adult community leagues. Use custom t-shirts for game jerseys, practice apparel, and spirit wear for athletes, team members, coaches, and other supporters to wear.

7. Bachelorette parties

Custom tees–or, these days, more often custom tank tops–are a bit hit with bachelorette parties. Bachelor groups have been known to get a custom shirt or two as well. It’s fun, it’s special, and it’s one-of-a-kind, just like the event itself. Make your bride or groom-to-be feel truly special and plan a night that will go down in history with your own party shirts.

8. In memory of

Some of us use custom t-shirts as a way to celebrate the memories of our loved ones who have passed away. Keep them close to your chest and carry on their legacy with a very special custom shirt.

9. Birthday parties

Children’s birthday parties have become a fine art. Mothers and fathers invest more time, money, and effort than ever before to make their parties for their kids picture-perfect. Ordering a custom t-shirt, either just for the birthday kiddo or all twenty of your hyped-up, two-foot guests, can be the thing that makes your kid’s next party not only social media worthy, but a special future memory for all involved.

10. Branding

Some of the savviest business owners in today’s world use custom t-shirts to further their brand. Stylish and unique screen printed apparel that is specific to your brand can be added to your shelves to help your business grow. Whether you are a retail operation, a bakery, an entertainment venue, a bar, a…well, the point is, any business can sell custom shirts. They’ll bring in a little extra cash, promote your brand, and give your neighbors a way to support the local economy and look great while doing it.

Need Custom T-Shirts in St. Louis? Call STL Shirt Co. Now

The next time you have a team sporting event, bachelorette party, or fundraising effort, make STL Shirt Co. your first call. Our professional designers, talented screen printers, and the rest of our amazing staff will make sure you get the perfect custom t-shirts for your very special occasion, whatever it is. Begin your order today here or by calling us at 636-926-27777.

Why Should I Choose a Union Print Shop?

Choosing to get your screen-printed t-shirts and other print and embroidery goods from a union shop like STL Shirt Co. is the smart move. Whether you yourself are a union leader looking for US-made union tees or you are a soccer coach with no involvement in a union, a union shop can help you. If you are in the dark as to why union shops are the best choice, find the six reasons you should choose union print shops below.

When you need t-shirts, hats, or other screen printed apparel or goods, the presses at STL Shirt Co. are hot and ready to work for you. Begin your order today by requesting a quote today or calling us now at 636-926-2777.

Reasons to Buy from a Union Shop

Some screen printing shops in the St. Louis area and across the United States claim to be union shops, but you may be surprised to learn that few shops are legitimate union-member shops. STL Shirt Co. is proud to be one of the few actual union screen printing shops in the Greater St. Louis area.

You may already have an opinion about unions one way or another, but have you considered how shopping at a union company can benefit you and your community at large? Customers who choose to shop union stores like STL Shirt Co. benefit from the following advantages.

We have the resources.

As a union print shop, we have our finger on the pulse of the printing and garment decorating industries. Ours is a team of screen printing experts, always informed on the newest and most effective methods and tools. Yet, a screen print shop is only as good as its equipment. At STL Shirt Co. we use only well-tuned, expertly designed printing machinery and some of the best inks and other materials on the market.

We produce high-quality work.

With great resources comes great responsibility. As a union screen printing store, we have access to the best of the best. With extraordinarily talented screen printers, designers, customer service providers and top-notch equipment, our union print shop is set up for success. Not only that but, as a union shop, we are held (and hold ourselves) to a higher standard. Customers who shop at union shops like STL Shirt Co. know that they have a guarantee that the finished product will satisfy and impress.

Our employees are skilled.

As a union print shop, our employees are union members. The benefits of shopping with a union company include a guarantee that the individuals serving you and handling the production of your order are the most qualified and capable. For the staff members of STL Shirt Co., screen printing is a craft, an art–not merely a hobby or a means to pay rent. To become a union member and a STL Shirt Co. screen printer, we must undergo extensive training and demonstrate our skill before we start producing any work on our own.

We have a quick turn-around time.

Life doesn’t always fit into the neatly printed lines of our day planners. When you need an order of custom t-shirts printed fast, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, union print shops are your only choice. For the best screen printing work with the quickest turnaround time, STL Shirt Co. is the solution. We can handle most orders, large or small, in about a week. But when you’re really in a bind, we offer rush service where we can crank out orders of all types in a matter of a couple of days for an extra fee.

You are supporting great working conditions.

Shopping at a union shop comes with a host of advantages for you as the customer. But your business has a much larger impact; by spending your money at a union shop, you are supporting excellent working conditions. Fair treatment and conditions for laborers are at the heart of unions. Union companies commit to providing great pay, benefits, and work environment to our workers.

You are supporting the local and US economy.

Bringing your business to a union shop over a non-union shop means that you are doing your part to keep the St. Louis and U.S. economies healthy and strong. Though there are other great independently owned and operated small businesses, when you shop union you know that all materials used are produced and sourced in the United States. From the t-shirt to the ink to the film we use to print, our supplies are all US-made.

Choose a Union Print Shop | STL Shirt Co.

Bring your business to a local St. Louis union print shop like STL Shirt Co. for all of your screen printing and embroidery needs. As a true union shop, we provide our valued patrons with top-quality goods, personalized service, and a means to participate in the support of the local and national economy. We love what we do and are committed to providing great quality screen printing services to our fellow St. Louis area residents and businesses. Together we keep St. Louis strong and looking amazing.

Ready to make your union screen printing order, rush order, or other screen printing or embroidery work? Get started with your STL Shirt Co. order today. All you have to do is fill out the form, call us at 636-926-2777 or text us at 636-299-0162!

Things You Should Know Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Ordering custom screen-printed T-shirts is a great way to commemorate an event, build team spirit, or support your favorite team. However, for groups ordering screen-printed shirts for the first time, the process can be a daunting one. You likely aren’t sure about what you want on your shirt, what color or style of shirt you should choose, and don’t want to exceed your set budget.

Luckily, the experienced custom T-shirt printers at STL Shirt Co. have helped many people before from all around St. Louis who were also new to ordering screen-printed apparel. Our fully unionized print shop has been in business since 1975, and are ready to tackle your screen printing needs, no matter the size of your job. Call us today at 636-926-2777 or contact us online to learn more or get a quote.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Before you place a shirt order, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many shirts will you need? Pricing usually varies based on the size of your order, with larger orders having a lower per-item cost.
  • Who or what is this shirt for?Different groups will want different designs or prefer different styles of shirt.
  • What do you want on your shirt? Do you want just a wordmark or phrase, a logo, or a combination of both?
  • Are you wanting a monochromatic design (one color only), or a multi-colored logo? Having more colors may create a more vivid and customizable design, but it also increases the cost of your order. More complicated designs also take longer to produce, since each color is printed separately.
  • How many places on your shirt do you want a printed design? Do you just want the front, the back as well, or do you also want locations on the sleeve? This also affects cost/production time.
  • What color of shirt do you want? This can influence cost or what you can print on a shirt. Certain color inks do not work as well on certain shirts–lighter-colored inks do not show up as well on white shirts, for instance.
  • What style of shirt are you looking for? The material of your shirt can factor into what can and cannot be printed on it. Different shirts also may be cut in a way that would cause the person wearing the shirt to feel that their normal size may be too big or too small.
  • When do you need your shirts? The standard turn-around time is anywhere from 7 to 10 days. If you need your shirts quicker or by a certain date, does the print shop you are calling offer a rush option?
  • Do you need your shirts shipped, or can you pick them up directly from the shop? If you need them shipped, how quickly do you need them sent to you?

Work With Experienced T-Shirt Printers | STL Shirt Co.

When you need to order custom t-shirts for your next event, sports team, or company, look no further than the skilled screen printers at STL Shirt Co. We have been printing shirts for more than 40 years and can help you create the perfect custom shirt. From graphic design assistance to rush printing for an additional fee, we help our many satisfied clients get the shirts they want. You can expect nothing but the best union-made quality printed apparel from STL Shirt Co., as we use premium inks and offer a wide variety of shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and hats from brands you love.

Call us today at or contact us online to learn more about screen printing, get a quote, and see how STL Shirt Co. can help your group create great memories with custom T-shirts.

How Fast Will A Rush Order Be Ready?

We get it–there’re some times where you need screen-printed items, like custom-printed shirts, urgently or unexpectedly. Maybe you’re hosting an event with a guest list that suddenly expanded, or your child’s sports team just made a national tournament and you want to show your spirit. Either way, screen-printed shirts are the best way to help create great memories of these events, and the best part is that a union print shop in St. Louis, MO can make high-quality printed apparel fast and easy.

At STL Shirt Co., rush orders don’t scare us. We have helped out many customers who needed a screen-printing project done at the last minute, and provided them with top-quality products that are built to provide great memories of your event for years to come. If you need a screen-printing order and time is tight, give us a call at 636-926-2777 to discuss rush options and get your order started.

Rush Production vs. Rush Shipping

When talking about rush orders, it’s critical to understand that there are two different components involved in fulfilling an order on an accelerated timeline: rush production and rush shipping. Both are important to get orders to customers as soon as possible, but there is a significant difference between the two.

A rush production order means that your order’s priority will be brought forward and produced as fast as possible. Note, though, that “fast” production does not mean “sloppy” production: even when deadlines are tight, do not expect the quality of your finished product to be affected. However, since the timeframe from order to completion is compressed, you may run into several other hurdles. Desired shirt colors, styles, or sizes may not be available as we are limited to stock on hand. You may also be limited in how many colors your design can use since the screen-printing process means that each color must be applied in an individual pass.

Rush shipping, though, has to do with how long your order spends in transit from our shop to your door, unlike rush production which involves the total time shirts are printed and packed for shipment. This is dependent on your location, the shipping option you choose (air vs. ground, for instance), and your preferred shipping provider. Once an order leaves our shop, we have no control over how long it takes to reach its destination: any number of factors, including weather, traffic, or even the day of the week it was shipped, can affect shipping times. The “estimated arrival date” you see when you get tracking information for a shipment is just that–a guess.

Get Rush T-Shirt Orders | STL Shirt Co.

When you need high-quality, union-made screen-printed apparel and you need it as soon as possible, call the professionals at STL Shirt Co. today. While our usual turnaround time is anywhere from 7-10 days, if you call and ask for our rush services, on average we can get your T-shirt, team jersey, polo shirt, or hooded sweatshirt printed and ready to ship within three days. In addition, we offer multiple express shipping options for our customers that cannot pick up orders from our St. Louis, MO print shop. Both of these are available for an additional fee.

Call us today at 636-926-2777 if you need union-made, high-quality screen-printed apparel for your team or event. With more than 40 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers, the staff at STL Shirt Co. is here to help get you premium screen-printed apparel for any need, regardless of the size of your order or when you need it.

What Is The Turnaround Time For A Screen Print Order?

When you place an order for screen-printed apparel, it’s natural to wonder how long it’ll take for your order to go from a design to something on a t-shirt, hat, sweatshirt, or something else. At STL Shirt Co., we understand that in most cases time is of the essence and you need your screen-printed gear in St. Louis, MO by a certain date.

Usually, we recommend that you allow for anywhere between 7 to 10 business days for your order to go from the design phase to a finished product. But in our more than 40 years of printing experience, we’ve come across several pitfalls or speed-bumps that can keep your order from being finished within this timeframe, and today we will share them with you so that when you need screen-printed apparel in St. Louis, you can get it as quickly as possible. Call us at 636-926-2777 to get your order started today, or request a quote online.

What’s Keeping My Screen-Printing Order From Being Finished?

There are a few major factors that can extend the turnaround time for a screen print order. Some of them are occasionally out of our hands, but many others are easily prevented by customers knowing what they want and taking a few easy steps that will ensure their order will be on time.

  • Know your order quantity up-front: having a good idea of how many pieces you need is an easy way for us to plan ahead and procure the proper amount of shirts to print. If you suddenly need an increased order quantity, we may not have those extra shirts or sizes on hand and will need to order more which will extend your turnaround time.
  • Provide print-ready artwork: be exact with your desired artwork/logo size, dimensions, and placement. If you can, provide us artwork in a vector-based file type, such as .ai, .eps, or .pdf. While we can convert .jpg or .png files to vector artwork, this takes additional time and may not produce the image quality you want.
  • Use fewer colors in your design: every color in a screen-print design has to be printed separately. If you have a three-color design, for instance, this will take three times as long to print as a one-color design.
  • Consider the color of your apparel: printing on darker-colored items usually requires extra steps and care to make sure that your design stands out. If you want something done quicker, have it printed on a light-colored item, like white or gray.
  • Understand that some items may not be in stock: while we have a large number of products from top brands like Gildan, Badger, Bella+Canvas, and others in stock and ready to print, we may not have all colors or sizes at our shop and will have to order more. It’s entirely possible that your desired size and style is back-ordered nationwide. Our team, however, can work with you to suggest alternative items and deliver your screen-printed apparel on time.

What If I Need A Screen-Printing Order Now?

We understand that sometimes, you need a shirt or apparel order within days. Maybe your event was a spontaneous one, or your recreational sports team made a big tournament and you want spirit gear to celebrate it. That’s why we offer rush services for an additional charge. We can get your custom apparel to your door within days, without sacrificing the union-made quality you expect from STL Shirt Co.

Choose The Best Screen Printing Company | STL Shirt Co.

No matter what you want printed, how big your order is, or when you need it delivered, STL Shirt Co. is here to help you show your team spirit, commemorate an event, or raise funds for your school with screen-printed apparel. As a union print shop, we are dedicated to quality and getting you the best possible product, on time, and at the best possible price. Contact us online today or call us at (636) 926-2777 to get a quote and begin your screen-printed shirt order.

How Should I Care For My Screen-Printed Shirt?

As an established screen printing shop in St. Louis, MO, the team at STL Shirt Co. understands that you want to keep your printed shirts in the best condition possible. A well-made screen printed shirt can last for years, and be a great way to show your pride in an organization, remember a cherished event, or support a sports team. However, like all garments, there are certain steps you should take to ensure that your screen-printed shirt does not fade or shrink over time.

Do’s and Don’ts Of Screen Print Shirt Care

  • Do: Wash screen-printed garments inside-out. This will not only protect the ink used in screen printing from fading faster but also prevent it from smearing or smudging against the washing machine’s drum or other items in the washer. Turning your shirt inside-out also prevents fibrillation, which is when the shirt fabric fibers show through the print and cause it to look faded and scratchy.
  • Don’t: Use bleach when washing screen printed shirts. Chemicals in bleach weaken the dyes used in screen printing as well as the fabric of the shirt.
  • Do: Always wash screen printed items with like colors and fabrics. This prevents color transferring as well as pilling (where fabrics rub up against each other in the wash and cause small fuzzy balls to form on the surface of the shirt).
  • Do: Wash screen printed shirts in cool water using mild detergent (such as those designed for people with sensitive skin) or products like Woolite┬«. Using cool or cold water prevents shrinkage and also saves you money when doing the laundry. We suggest using the gentle/delicate cycle on your washing machine.
  • Don’t: Use liquid fabric softener. While you may think that this will keep your shirt’s fabric in better condition and reduce static cling, the chemicals in fabric softeners break down the ink on your shirt and cause it to fade.
  • Do: Hang garments to dry or lay them flat on a drying rack.
  • Don’t: Dry screen printed shirts using higher heat. In addition to causing shrinkage, higher heat in a dryer can cause pilling and crack screen-printed ink. Use low or no heat if you must use a clothes dryer and avoid using dryer sheets.
  • Do: Pre-treat garments if the water in your area is hard, and your building does not have a water-softening system. The minerals in hard water cause shirt fabrics to become stiff and uncomfortable, as well as fade the ink used in screen printing. We recommend soaking shirts in a mixture of one gallon of water and one cup of white vinegar if the water in your area is exceptionally hard.
  • Don’t: Dry clean screen-printed shirts. Chemicals used in the dry cleaning process result in spots and stains appearing on printed garments.

Choose Quality Screen Printing | STL Shirt Co.

Of course, the best way to make sure that your screen-printed shirts will not fade, crack, or shrink in the wash is to have your screen-printed shirt made by a company that uses top-quality ink, cutting-edge printing processes, and sources shirts from premium brands. At STL Shirt Co., we are committed to providing all our clients with the finest quality, union-made, screen-printed shirts. We know that you want your shirt to last for years to come, and as such strive to give you a shirt you’ll love to wear again and again.

No matter the size of your order or when you need your screen printed shirts, choose STL Shirt Co. to create custom-printed shirts for your next event. Call us today at (636) 926-2777, or contact us online, to speak with a member of our team and get a quote for your screen printed shirt order.

What Makes A Good Team Jersey?

Whether you’re an adult recreational softball team looking to stand out or the coach of a youth soccer team who wants to make your child’s first team experience special, having a distinctive and memorable jersey is important at any level of sports. Even at the grassroots level, playing in a design your players love can make them feel like they’re wearing pinstripes, two birds on a bat, or the blue note.

At STL Shirt Co., we have helped sports clubs and teams design jerseys that players, parents, and fans love for years. Our clients choose us for their team jersey needs because they can be confident they’ll get a high-quality, union-made jersey that is built to last for many seasons to come. No matter if you already have a design in mind or need help crafting your team’s jersey, our experienced staff can help you through every step of the jersey-making process. Call us today at 636-926-2777, use our online quote tool, or text us at 636-299-0162 to get started on making your team’s new jerseys.

How To Design A Good Team Jersey

Sure, your recreational kickball team isn’t the New York Yankees or Manchester United, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and play in mismatched or poorly designed uniforms. Having a well-made, unique jersey for your team builds camaraderie, excites your team’s members, and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

However, a good jersey does not design itself. Memorable uniforms have a lot of components: maybe it’s the logo, maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s a design element like a stripe or pattern. Here are some important things to consider when designing your team’s jerseys:

  • The front: do I want a logo, wordmark, or both? Should I place a number on the front of the jersey? Where should I put my logo or team name, and how big should it be?
  • The back: obviously you need a number on the back of your jersey, but do you also want to put names on the back? If so, would you want last names or nicknames, and should they go above or below the number?
  • Your team’s logo: do you want something based off a pro or college team’s existing logo? A pop-culture reference? Want to design your own logo? After you’ve chosen your team’s symbol, where should it be placed?
  • Colors: while some teams want to wear more traditional colors like white, gray, or navy blue, many more amateur sports teams are experimenting with brighter and more distinctive colors. What works best for you depends on how you want your team to be seen, as well as how well it fits in with your name/logo.
  • Fonts and styles: ideally, number or letter fonts should be legible, yet unique and reflective of your team’s brand and identity. There are also a number of other style options, including radially vs. vertically arched player names and unique font styles, that you can consider.
  • Additional elements: is your team sponsored by one or more local businesses? If so, where should their logos or names go? Does your team also need additional apparel, like hats or warm-up gear?
  • Material, style, and fit: while fabrics like cotton may be comfortable, they may not be the best for warmer-weather sports like baseball. Choosing a moisture-wicking performance fabric can give your players an advantage on the field, but these uniforms are cut differently, and as such players may need different sizes.

Contact The Team Jersey Experts | STL Shirt Co.

No matter whether you want a traditional-style uniform or something cutting-edge, the staff at STL Shirt Co. can help you outfit your team in jerseys they will love. We work with all sorts of sports teams to provide them attractive, distinctive uniforms that are made to withstand even the toughest of games. No order is too big or too small, and rush order services are our specialty. We also provide jersey samples, custom fittings at our store, and can work with your organization to offer team spirit wear in addition to top-quality uniforms.

When you need the best in team jerseys, contact the union printers at STL Shirt Co. to outfit your team. Get a quote online or call 636-926-2777 to speak with our team and design your custom uniform.

How To Use T-Shirts For Fundraising

How to use t-shirts for fundraising. Fundraising is not an insignificant responsibility. When you set off to raise money for a group, organization, or cause you are involved in, you need a strategy that is effective in reaching your audience something your supporters will want to spend money to purchase. Using t-shirts from your local screen printer, STL Shirt Co., is the perfect solution.

Using STL Shirt Co. t-shirts for your fundraising needs means the process will be simple, the merchandise will be high-quality, and promoting it will be a breeze. Our free online fundraising stores have helped many individuals and groups in the Greater St. Louis area reach a wider audience and raise more money for their cause. You can learn more about STL Shirt Co.’s fundraising opportunities that can be used throughout the United States or contact us now to get started with your t-shirt fundraiser in St. Louis or across the US.

How To Set Up a T-Shirt Fundraiser

Whether you work in a full-time capacity running fundraising for a non-profit organization or you are part of a group participating in a one-time fundraiser, you are faced with conceiving of and orchestrating a successful fundraising effort. Sometimes the biggest challenge is coming up with a creative and effective fundraising method. STL Shirt Co. solves that problem for you. Selling custom t-shirts is a popular fundraising tactic, and for good reason.

At STL Shirt Co. we make using t-shirts for fundraising simple, straightforward, and successful. By offering free web store set-up and producing screen printed t-shirts and other apparel of the highest quality, we are an excellent partner for all of your fundraising needs. The process is so easy, you’d be silly not to do it.

Design the Shirt

First thing first. In order to use t-shirts to fundraise, you need to come up with a great t-shirt design that appeals to your supporters and represents your group or cause. Come to our team for professional design help or try your hand at design yourself (find some tips to get you started here).

The particulars of the design will vary depending on the message you are trying to send, but some great guidelines for designing t-shirt logos apply to most cases. Your design should be simple, easy to read and understand, and its size should be considered relative to the t-shirt or other garment.

Set Up the Store

Once you have landed on the perfect print design and have selected the type of shirts you want it printed on, it is time to set up your online store. In order to make selling your t-shirts and raising money as easy and accessible as possible, STL Shirt Co. provides free web store set-ups.

After we receive your designs, we will set up an online store for you for free. This allows your supporters and other interested customers to purchase your fundraising t-shirts quickly and painlessly and allows you to begin your fundraiser with little overhead, time, and energy. Just come up with a design, let us know when you’d like the store to run, and leave the rest up to us.

Promote the Cause

After we set up your online store, the ball is in your court for a little while. With a web page where you can send interested individuals to buy your shirts, you can begin promoting and advertising your fundraiser. Share a little backstory about your organization and the reason you are trying to raise funds.

Get creative and spread awareness about your fundraiser as many ways as you can. Share your store link on social media channels, call attention to your cause or organization, ask your friends and family to purchase shirts–there are no wrong answers here. It’s your fundraiser. Make the most of it!

Sell the Shirts

With your merchandise designed and available to purchase online, it’s time to make some money. Put our t-shirts to work for your fundraising needs. During the timeframe of your fundraiser, your online store will be open for anybody to purchase as many t-shirts as they would like. They will place their orders just like they would any online purchase, making it convenient for everyone.

We will close your online t-shirt store at the end of your fundraiser. Once the fundraiser closes, we will print all orders and ship them out or package them for pick-up. Your supporters get great quality t-shirts that promote your cause and you receive 100% of the funds raised from the t-shirt sales. And we get to do what we love. Everybody wins when you use STL Shirt Co’s t-shirts for fundraising!

Start My T-Shirt Fundraiser | STL Shirt Co

Using t-shirts for fundraising is easy for you to set up, convenient for your supporters to purchase, and a relevant and effective way to raise money and reach a wide audience. What are you waiting for? If you have been given the responsibility of orchestrating a fundraiser for your school, team, or organization or you’re inspired to make a difference for a cause you are passionate about, using t-shirts for fundraising is perfect.

STL Shirt Co. produces quality t-shirts and other custom screen printed and embroidery apparel for fundraising and other uses. Make an impact and get custom designed shirts . Begin setting up your online store for fundraising right away! Call us today at 636-926-2777 or reach us online to begin using our custom t-shirts for fundraising now.

How Do I Design a T-Shirt?

So you want to design your own custom t-shirt, huh? You’ve come to the right place. STL Shirt Co. is a St. Louis screen printing and custom design authority. With a team of extensively trained, union-member screen printers and talented professional designers, we can make your wildest custom screen printing t-shirt dreams into a reality.

Our customers choose STL Shirt Co for their screen printing needs because they recognize our commitment to craftsmanship, quality materials, and personalized customer service. Whether you already have a logo made up that you want to get onto shirts or you would prefer to leave all the designing to us, we are here to meet your custom screen printing needs from beginning to end. You can begin right now by calling us at 636-926-2777, texting us at 636-099-0162, or requesting a quote online.

How To Design a T-Shirt

Unless you’re a fashion designer by trade, it’s not every day you get a chance to dictate exactly what the apparel in your wardrobe looks like. When you’re lucky enough to have an event that calls for custom t-shirts, it can be a lot of fun to create the design yourself. But it can also be daunting. STL Shirt Co. is here to assist you with your screen printing order in St. Louis or anywhere in the United States and can be as involved or as hands-off as you’d like. Send in your own completed design image file for us to screen print, have us create the design for you, or go somewhere in between by giving us a starting point and referring to our team to tweak the details.

Elements of T-Shirt Design


When designing a logo for screen printing on a shirt or other type of apparel, size matters. To determine the right sizing for your image, you’ll have to think about what type of apparel you will be printing on. Do you want crew-neck t-shirts, v neck t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, long-sleeved tees? All of the above? The sizing for a design printed on a tank top may need to be different than one going on a hoodie.

There are a couple of things to consider with size and screen printing. First, the plastisol ink used in screen printing has a texture. We use quality inks with a soft hand-feel, but a huge, solid area of ink can be stiff and may not be the most comfortable. Second, many logos are circular or square in shape, and they usually appear larger than they are. Go against your instinct and make your logo slightly smaller.

Pro tip: cut out a sketch or print of your design on a piece of paper and hold it up against your shirt. Look in the mirror to get a sense of how the design will look in that size.

Location and Placement

Design location placement in screen printing also depends on the style of apparel you will be ordering. Location in screen printing design describes where on the garment your design is. Examples of common locations are full front, full back, left breast, sleeve, etc. Obviously, some locations are applicable to some garment styles and not others. (If you want a sleeve print on a tank top, we’ll refer you to the nearest tattoo shop).

Placement, then, refers to the specific metrics within the location where the design is printed. Count on our screen printing team to make sure your designs are printed in correct alignment and not off-center or at an angle.


Most (but not all) custom shirt designs include some amount of text. No pressure, but the typeface (the font) you select has as much impact on your message as the words it displays. Take your time to explore options and pick the ones that speak to you the most. A basketball team jersey calls for a much different typeface than what would be appropriate on a corporate work uniform or a bridal shower tee. Add an extra level of interest by using multiple fonts, but be sure to limit yourself to just two or three.


Here comes the fun part: picking out the pretty colors! Remember that you have the garment color to select in addition to the ink colors for the print. For most uses, screen-printed apparel is best with bold colors in high contrast from the color of the shirt material. As a rule of thumb, light-colored t-shirts look best with dark-colored ink and dark-colored shirts work best with light ink colors.

For the ink colors in your design, bust out the good ol’ color wheel and brush up on your basic color theory. Screen-printed designs work best with a limited number of colors. Again, three is the magic number here. There are some exceptions, but designs with many colors get difficult and costly.

Pro tip: If you are working with a brand, team, or other entity with specific colors already established, ask our team about color matching! We will work to get you the exact ink color you need.


Sometimes the hardest part of designing a custom screen printing logo is knowing when to say when. Be careful not to over-design your logo for your t-shirt. Less is often more. It is easier to make out, more effective, and usually looks a lot better. Make use of negative space and use details sparingly. After all, you want people to be able to make out what your custom shirt is about, and the human brain can only process so much information at once.

Design Custom T-Shirts | STL Shirt Co

Get your custom screen printed apparel from STL Shirt Co. We will work with you to make sure the finished product exceeds your expectations in quality and style. If you want to try your hand at designing your own t-shirt logo, be our guest! If you’d like a little extra design help from our professional designers or want to hand over the creative reigns to us completely, we’ve got your back too!

At STL Shirt Co, screen printing is our passion and we are dedicated to making every shirt, hoodie, hat, and other product we print look amazing. If you have more questions about designing a logo for your custom order or would like to place an order today, contact us today. Simply fill out this form or give us a call now. Happy designing!

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