Online T-Shirt Builder Ready for Business!

Attention all STL Shirt Co. customers:

We are pleased to announce that our Online T-shirt builder is up and ready to use at! You are now able to design, order, and pay for shirts all in one place! We have hundreds of different logos to help jumpstart your creativity as well as thousands of clipart images to use. We also have a dedicated art and ordering staff that will be glad to help you if you get stuck.

We also still have access to all of the logos from Gaffney’s Sporting Goods so if you wish to place an order with an already existing logo please, do not hesitate to call 1-888-831-8312 and our ordering specialists will be glad to help you out.Whether it is custom shirts, hoodies or uniforms, STL Shirt Co. is glad to serve the St. Louis area for all of their screen printing needs.