Scheming Color Combos: What Colors Work Best For My Custom T-Shirts?

Whether it’s custom t-shirts, hoodies, hats, backpacks, or even stickers, the color you choose has a lot to do with the brand or concept you are trying to sell. Choosing a color scheme for brands and ideas can help you stand out among competitors in a crowded market, while helping connect with the emotions of your potential customers. Let the talented team at STL Shirt Co. lend a hand with color combinations and schemes.

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The Importance of Color Schemes

From the use of classic red and golden yellow shades by McDonald’s to increase your heart rate (red) and be associated with being happy (yellow) to the prominent use of pure, clean white by Apple to represent the minimalist futuristic of technological design, the color schemes of these businesses create a visual identity that cements the company in the mind of their customers without their name being mentioned. The same approach, albeit on a decidedly smaller scale (ah, though, who knows?), can be used for your brand or concept on custom t-shirts.

Researchers have found that the color of medication impacts how effective patients think it will be. Other studies have analyzed phenomena like which hues have a proven track record of increasing image distribution via social media, how a company’s use of blue can increase our trust in it, and how color use in architecture and interior design can impact our mood.

Scheming Color Combos What Colors Work Best For My Custom T-Shirts | STL Shirt Co.

What Reactions Do Certain People Have to Specific Colors?

Certain colors can evoke specific emotions and prompt strong reactions in people. Because of this, the colors you surround yourself with may send a signal to others about your personality, what you value, and how you behave. Give us a call now at 636-926-2777 or reach out to us online.

The following are some of the most researched and understood emotional meanings behind popular colors:

  • Red: Often symbolizes intense desire and aggression. Brings about boldness, energy, warmth, and sensuality. It can project confidence and power and rev up people’s appetites. If your favorite color is red, you may be someone who is driven, adventurous, and active. On the opposite side, the color can evoke danger.
  • Blue: The most popular favorite color, blue symbolizes peace, security, tranquility, and safety. Selecting blue as a favorite color might indicate you are a calm, trustworthy, and loyal person.
  • Green: Often associated with finance and money, it can also represent nature and signal good luck, peacefulness, fertility, happiness, and rebirth. If you prefer the color green, others may view you as loyal, composed, and independent.
  • White: Often signals purity, birth, youth, innocence, relaxation, and security. Preferring white can also mean you are organized, independent, and logical. Bare and bright, white can make you feel clean, fresh, and open to opportunities.
  • Black: Can indicate power, creativity, elegance, rationality, stability. On the opposite side, the color can also convey sorrow and hopelessness. It’s a powerful color, which is possibly why it’s the most popular selection for luxury cars as people see it as sexy, mysterious, and even ominous.
  • Orange: If your favorite color is orange, you may be a social person with a vibrant personality, as this shade can represent energy, warmth, and enthusiasm. Orange is typically seen as a happy color, often associated with sunshine and the spring season.
  • Purple: Purple is a favorite color of many. This hue’s association with luxury goes far back in history as purple was often used to symbolize prosperity or royalty. If you choose purple, you may be ambitious, with a solid sense of self-worth and individuality.
  • Yellow: Choosing yellow items likely means a person is happier than most, and perhaps a little more likely to take risks than others. It is associated with optimism, intelligence, and creativity.
  • Silver: Silver conveys innovation and modernity. It’s the third most popular car color and often the color of high-tech products and accessories.
  • Gray: Often is perceived as chic, modern, and stylish. If your favorite color is gray, you probably have characteristics associated with neutrality and balance. Drivers of gray cars don’t want to stand out.

Using Color Schemes to Define Your Vision

Does your organization deliver peace and calmness for your consumers? Maybe your company offers excitement and adventure? You can use the above emotional reactions to define your logo, brand, and concept. Once that is defined and set in proverbial stone, you’ll want to find the ideal color combinations for your custom t-shirts and other merchandise. Find the best complementary colors to your logo, brand, and concept, but also keep in mind the classic contrasting colors like dark black and clean white.

Scheming Color Combos: What Colors Work Best For My Custom T-Shirts? | STL Shirt Co.

The colors you choose say a lot about your organization, your brand, and your identity. You want those colors to scream the most significant message possible to your customers through your merchandise. Our skilled, knowledgeable staff is happy to help with your next custom t-shirt design and more.

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