Screenprinting O’Fallon, MO

Screenprinting is a decoration method that works great for printing on garments and a variety of other substrates or printing surfaces. When you need special custom clothing and merchandise for a sports team, nonprofit, business, or another group, screenprinting is the go-to solution in O’Fallon. Specify the logo, team mascot, or other words and images you’d like and then pick out the t-shirt, jersey, hat, or promotional items you need from your local O’Fallon, MO screenprinting partner, STL Shirt Co.

STL Shirt Co is a top screenprinting company in the St. Louis area, servicing O’Fallon, MO screenprinting customers. We specialize in producing orders quickly – usually a week at the most! You will receive your finished items just days after you submit your order. We offer a variety of services in addition to standard screenprinting in O’Fallon, MO, including embroidery services, special partnerships with schools and union organizations, and providing online stores and fundraising support for organizations to share their shirts and merchandise. To begin your custom screenprinting order or to learn more, contact us or call us at (636) 926-2777 today!

The Screenprinting Process

Screenprinting involves a thick ink called plastisol, a mesh screen, and a squeegee. The mesh screen has to be coated with a substance called emulsion, which hardens when exposed to light. It hardens in the shape of your design to either block or allow ink to go through the screen in different areas. This controls where the ink makes contact with the shirt. Many designs require more than one screen to print one finished item, especially when the design is visually intricate or realistic, or any designs that use more than one color. The stenciled screen is put on a press directly on top of your shirt. Ink is applied on top of the screen, and then a squeegee passes over the screen, either by man or machine, to push the ink through the screen to make contact with the shirt below.

After the ink is deposited on the shirt or other item, the ink has to cure. Heat is applied to transform the once-viscous ink into a solid that will stay on your shirt for many washes. The process is repeated for every item in the order. Once your entire order has been printed and cured, it is packaged up and ready for you!

Ordering Screenprinting Services

To make a O’Fallon, MO screenprinting order, you must start with the design. STL Shirt Co can work with a design you already have, but if you’re not sure where to start, we will help you create a design you love. We covert the design to an image that can be successfully printed on the item or items you request. We ensure quality images by using the best inks in the colors that match the look you desire. We even carry specialty screenprinting inks such as metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks.

From there, your O’Fallon, MO screenprinting team goes to work. Your screenprinting order is printed and cured and then, you receive the finished product. Your printed t-shirts or other garments will last many washes, and you can easily order more of the same design in the future.

Learn more about these specific screenprinting services:

Screenprinting Capabilities

Screenprinting is a strong choice for printing numerous copies of an image, making it a great method for large orders like work uniforms, team or club uniforms and spiritware, and company swag or merchandise.

If you are a business owner, screenprinting is a great solution for your uniform needs. You can make large orders, and come back periodically to order more as you hire new employees over the years. Screenprinting is also a great way to market your O’Fallon business and make a little extra money. Order t-shirts, hoodies, or things like water bottles and keychains with your company name and/or logo to sell to customers.

Screenprinting is also great for O’Fallon schools and nonprofit organizations. School clubs can order shirts for their members to wear to promote club pride and identity, and spiritwear presents opportunities for students and staff to show off their school spirit and support their sports teams.Nonprofits can create screenprinted items to sell as a way of fundraising and to raise awareness for your cause.

Screenprinting in Greater St. Louis | STL Shirt Co

Screenprinting is perfect if you need attractive, durable, prints of custom designs on clothing and promotional items.whether you run a business or are part of a team or other organization, screenprinting is an excellent resource that can meet the needs of your group while requiring little effort or time investment on your part. STL Shirt Co’s screenprinting experts will help you from the initial design stage to the distribution process. To get more information or to begin your order, contact us or call us at (636) 926-2777 today!

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