Things You Should Know Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Things You Should Know Before Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Ordering custom screen-printed T-shirts is a great way to commemorate an event, build team spirit, or support your favorite team. However, for groups ordering screen-printed shirts for the first time, the process can be a daunting one. You likely aren’t sure about what you want on your shirt, what color or style of shirt you should choose, and don’t want to exceed your set budget.

Luckily, the experienced custom T-shirt printers at STL Shirt Co. have helped many people before from all around St. Louis who were also new to ordering screen-printed apparel. Our fully unionized print shop has been in business since 1975, and are ready to tackle your screen printing needs, no matter the size of your job. Call us today at 636-926-2777 or contact us online to learn more or get a quote.

What To Consider When Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Before you place a shirt order, ask yourself these questions:

  • How many shirts will you need? Pricing usually varies based on the size of your order, with larger orders having a lower per-item cost.
  • Who or what is this shirt for?Different groups will want different designs or prefer different styles of shirt.
  • What do you want on your shirt? Do you want just a wordmark or phrase, a logo, or a combination of both?
  • Are you wanting a monochromatic design (one color only), or a multi-colored logo? Having more colors may create a more vivid and customizable design, but it also increases the cost of your order. More complicated designs also take longer to produce, since each color is printed separately.
  • How many places on your shirt do you want a printed design? Do you just want the front, the back as well, or do you also want locations on the sleeve? This also affects cost/production time.
  • What color of shirt do you want? This can influence cost or what you can print on a shirt. Certain color inks do not work as well on certain shirts–lighter-colored inks do not show up as well on white shirts, for instance.
  • What style of shirt are you looking for? The material of your shirt can factor into what can and cannot be printed on it. Different shirts also may be cut in a way that would cause the person wearing the shirt to feel that their normal size may be too big or too small.
  • When do you need your shirts? The standard turn-around time is anywhere from 7 to 10 days. If you need your shirts quicker or by a certain date, does the print shop you are calling offer a rush option?
  • Do you need your shirts shipped, or can you pick them up directly from the shop? If you need them shipped, how quickly do you need them sent to you?

Work With Experienced T-Shirt Printers | STL Shirt Co.

When you need to order custom t-shirts for your next event, sports team, or company, look no further than the skilled screen printers at STL Shirt Co. We have been printing shirts for more than 40 years and can help you create the perfect custom shirt. From graphic design assistance to rush printing for an additional fee, we help our many satisfied clients get the shirts they want. You can expect nothing but the best union-made quality printed apparel from STL Shirt Co., as we use premium inks and offer a wide variety of shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and hats from brands you love.

Call us today at or contact us online to learn more about screen printing, get a quote, and see how STL Shirt Co. can help your group create great memories with custom T-shirts.