Top 10 Uses for Custom T-Shirts

Top 10 Uses for Custom T-Shirts

A t-shirt is a t-shirt. Okay, sure, but what about custom t-shirts? Custom t-shirts are specially made just for you, specific to your special event or occasion. If you are unsure of whether custom t-shirts would be useful for your organization or upcoming gathering or you are in search of an excuse to have your personal catchphrase printed and worn, STL Shirt Co. can give you the custom t-shirts you need. For over-the-top customer service, speedy turnaround times, and top-quality products, STL Shirt Co. is the St. Louis screen printing source for you. Begin your order here now or give us a call at 636-926-27777.

Top 10 Custom T-Shirt Uses

Although we at STL Shirt Co. believe that every day, occasion, thought, or event is worthy of custom t-shirts, there are certain events and situations that are simply made for them (or, conversely, for which great t-shirts are made).  Get the most out of your perfect custom t-shirt idea by ordering for any of the following occasions or purposes.

1. Marketing a business

Custom t-shirts are the walking billboard of the modern marketing world. Having custom t-shirts printed in St. Louis that show off your business name, logo, or other company-related designs extends your reach and broadens your potential audience. With a very effective custom t-shirt design, people will notice the shirt and remember your company.

2. Schools

From Spanish club to football team spirit and everything in between, school events and organizations can always use a custom t-shirt to add the collection. Perhaps due to the sheer number of high school students and the number of different clubs, fundraisers, dances, games, competitions, and such, schools and school groups are the biggest customer of custom t-shirt printers across the country.

3. Swag and giveaways

This isn’t your grandmother’s swag. Fitness groups and facilities, insurance companies, banks, municipal groups, political campaigns…the list goes on. These days, we all use swag. Give out custom t-shirts and other screen-printed merchandise to raise support for your cause or company and help bring in new customers or followers. The key to success is going the extra mile to make sure your custom t-shirts truly stand out and appeal to the masses.

4. Non-profit awareness

Custom t-shirts are doubly valuable for non-profit groups. They are a way to raise money and garner financial support, but they also serve as a means of outreach and awareness as they are worn and seen throughout the community. It goes without saying that custom t-shirts are a must for special events and other fundraising efforts. Volunteers wear them to become easily identifiable, supporters receive them as a gesture of appreciation for donating, and organizations can even sell the t-shirts to raise additional money.

5. Family reunions

Vacations, bar-b-ques, parties, road trips–the opportunities for families to use custom t-shirts are many. Keep track of your group, show family pride, offer a strong sense of belonging, and come away with a keepsake to memorialize quality time with the ones you love. Matching custom shirts for family gatherings may be reminiscent of a fad of the past, but they are making a comeback as families get creative and screen printers come up with one-of-a-kind designs.

6. Teams

Custom t-shirts make great sports jerseys for athletes and teams ranging from t-ball toddlers to competitive elite teams to adult community leagues. Use custom t-shirts for game jerseys, practice apparel, and spirit wear for athletes, team members, coaches, and other supporters to wear.

7. Bachelorette parties

Custom tees–or, these days, more often custom tank tops–are a bit hit with bachelorette parties. Bachelor groups have been known to get a custom shirt or two as well. It’s fun, it’s special, and it’s one-of-a-kind, just like the event itself. Make your bride or groom-to-be feel truly special and plan a night that will go down in history with your own party shirts.

8. In memory of

Some of us use custom t-shirts as a way to celebrate the memories of our loved ones who have passed away. Keep them close to your chest and carry on their legacy with a very special custom shirt.

9. Birthday parties

Children’s birthday parties have become a fine art. Mothers and fathers invest more time, money, and effort than ever before to make their parties for their kids picture-perfect. Ordering a custom t-shirt, either just for the birthday kiddo or all twenty of your hyped-up, two-foot guests, can be the thing that makes your kid’s next party not only social media worthy, but a special future memory for all involved.

10. Branding

Some of the savviest business owners in today’s world use custom t-shirts to further their brand. Stylish and unique screen printed apparel that is specific to your brand can be added to your shelves to help your business grow. Whether you are a retail operation, a bakery, an entertainment venue, a bar, a…well, the point is, any business can sell custom shirts. They’ll bring in a little extra cash, promote your brand, and give your neighbors a way to support the local economy and look great while doing it.

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