What makes a good team jersey?

What Makes A Good Team Jersey?

Whether you’re an adult recreational softball team looking to stand out or the coach of a youth soccer team who wants to make your child’s first team experience special, having a distinctive and memorable jersey is important at any level of sports. Even at the grassroots level, playing in a design your players love can make them feel like they’re wearing pinstripes, two birds on a bat, or the blue note.

At STL Shirt Co., we have helped sports clubs and teams design jerseys that players, parents, and fans love for years. Our clients choose us for their team jersey needs because they can be confident they’ll get a high-quality, union-made jersey that is built to last for many seasons to come. No matter if you already have a design in mind or need help crafting your team’s jersey, our experienced staff can help you through every step of the jersey-making process. Call us today at 636-926-2777, use our online quote tool, or text us at 636-299-0162 to get started on making your team’s new jerseys.

How To Design A Good Team Jersey

Sure, your recreational kickball team isn’t the New York Yankees or Manchester United, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and play in mismatched or poorly designed uniforms. Having a well-made, unique jersey for your team builds camaraderie, excites your team’s members, and makes them feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.

However, a good jersey does not design itself. Memorable uniforms have a lot of components: maybe it’s the logo, maybe it’s the colors, maybe it’s a design element like a stripe or pattern. Here are some important things to consider when designing your team’s jerseys:

  • The front: do I want a logo, wordmark, or both? Should I place a number on the front of the jersey? Where should I put my logo or team name, and how big should it be?
  • The back: obviously you need a number on the back of your jersey, but do you also want to put names on the back? If so, would you want last names or nicknames, and should they go above or below the number?
  • Your team’s logo: do you want something based off a pro or college team’s existing logo? A pop-culture reference? Want to design your own logo? After you’ve chosen your team’s symbol, where should it be placed?
  • Colors: while some teams want to wear more traditional colors like white, gray, or navy blue, many more amateur sports teams are experimenting with brighter and more distinctive colors. What works best for you depends on how you want your team to be seen, as well as how well it fits in with your name/logo.
  • Fonts and styles: ideally, number or letter fonts should be legible, yet unique and reflective of your team’s brand and identity. There are also a number of other style options, including radially vs. vertically arched player names and unique font styles, that you can consider.
  • Additional elements: is your team sponsored by one or more local businesses? If so, where should their logos or names go? Does your team also need additional apparel, like hats or warm-up gear?
  • Material, style, and fit: while fabrics like cotton may be comfortable, they may not be the best for warmer-weather sports like baseball. Choosing a moisture-wicking performance fabric can give your players an advantage on the field, but these uniforms are cut differently, and as such players may need different sizes.

Contact The Team Jersey Experts | STL Shirt Co.

No matter whether you want a traditional-style uniform or something cutting-edge, the staff at STL Shirt Co. can help you outfit your team in jerseys they will love. We work with all sorts of sports teams to provide them attractive, distinctive uniforms that are made to withstand even the toughest of games. No order is too big or too small, and rush order services are our specialty. We also provide jersey samples, custom fittings at our store, and can work with your organization to offer team spirit wear in addition to top-quality uniforms.

When you need the best in team jerseys, contact the union printers at STL Shirt Co. to outfit your team. Get a quote online or call 636-926-2777 to speak with our team and design your custom uniform.