Why Should I Choose a Union Shop?

Why Should I Choose a Union Print Shop?

Choosing to get your screen-printed t-shirts and other print and embroidery goods from a union shop like STL Shirt Co. is the smart move. Whether you yourself are a union leader looking for US-made union tees or you are a soccer coach with no involvement in a union, a union shop can help you. If you are in the dark as to why union shops are the best choice, find the six reasons you should choose union print shops below.

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Reasons to Buy from a Union Shop

Some screen printing shops in the St. Louis area and across the United States claim to be union shops, but you may be surprised to learn that few shops are legitimate union-member shops. STL Shirt Co. is proud to be one of the few actual union screen printing shops in the Greater St. Louis area.

You may already have an opinion about unions one way or another, but have you considered how shopping at a union company can benefit you and your community at large? Customers who choose to shop union stores like STL Shirt Co. benefit from the following advantages.

We have the resources.

As a union print shop, we have our finger on the pulse of the printing and garment decorating industries. Ours is a team of screen printing experts, always informed on the newest and most effective methods and tools. Yet, a screen print shop is only as good as its equipment. At STL Shirt Co. we use only well-tuned, expertly designed printing machinery and some of the best inks and other materials on the market.

We produce high-quality work.

With great resources comes great responsibility. As a union screen printing store, we have access to the best of the best. With extraordinarily talented screen printers, designers, customer service providers and top-notch equipment, our union print shop is set up for success. Not only that but, as a union shop, we are held (and hold ourselves) to a higher standard. Customers who shop at union shops like STL Shirt Co. know that they have a guarantee that the finished product will satisfy and impress.

Our employees are skilled.

As a union print shop, our employees are union members. The benefits of shopping with a union company include a guarantee that the individuals serving you and handling the production of your order are the most qualified and capable. For the staff members of STL Shirt Co., screen printing is a craft, an art–not merely a hobby or a means to pay rent. To become a union member and a STL Shirt Co. screen printer, we must undergo extensive training and demonstrate our skill before we start producing any work on our own.

We have a quick turn-around time.

Life doesn’t always fit into the neatly printed lines of our day planners. When you need an order of custom t-shirts printed fast, but you don’t want to compromise on quality, union print shops are your only choice. For the best screen printing work with the quickest turnaround time, STL Shirt Co. is the solution. We can handle most orders, large or small, in about a week. But when you’re really in a bind, we offer rush service where we can crank out orders of all types in a matter of a couple of days for an extra fee.

You are supporting great working conditions.

Shopping at a union shop comes with a host of advantages for you as the customer. But your business has a much larger impact; by spending your money at a union shop, you are supporting excellent working conditions. Fair treatment and conditions for laborers are at the heart of unions. Union companies commit to providing great pay, benefits, and work environment to our workers.

You are supporting the local and US economy.

Bringing your business to a union shop over a non-union shop means that you are doing your part to keep the St. Louis and U.S. economies healthy and strong. Though there are other great independently owned and operated small businesses, when you shop union you know that all materials used are produced and sourced in the United States. From the t-shirt to the ink to the film we use to print, our supplies are all US-made.

Choose a Union Print Shop | STL Shirt Co.

Bring your business to a local St. Louis union print shop like STL Shirt Co. for all of your screen printing and embroidery needs. As a true union shop, we provide our valued patrons with top-quality goods, personalized service, and a means to participate in the support of the local and national economy. We love what we do and are committed to providing great quality screen printing services to our fellow St. Louis area residents and businesses. Together we keep St. Louis strong and looking amazing.

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